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Ogilvy, Sr. Partner, Creative Director/Exec Producer,
BBDO, Art Director/Producer
DGA (from ‘87 to ’06)
BA Fine Arts

Creative Advertising professional with over 20 years of experience building brands, and brand building TEAMS! domestically and abroad.

Created the “Tang Orangutangs” (arch rivals to “Sunny D”)
Brought back the “Sugar Bear and Granny” rivalry.
Took the “Kool-Aid Man” from cell animation to digital.
Helped launch (highly successful destination site for kids)
Taught team advertising 101 and supervised the launch of Tang in Turkey.
(we sold out a “year’s supply” in six month’s)
Working with Margo Lowry, Head of New Product Development, created and launched two new cereals; “Oreo O’s” and “WaffleCrisp” for Post cereals.

We grew the business and consistently got “A” grades from the clients, which translates into bonus money for the Agency.

Creative Director on Maxwell House coffee, created the “Our House” campaign.
Created and Shot a spec spot, in house. The client put it on the air nationally.
Created and shot six more spots for the U.S. market and took the campaign global.

I engaged local teams around the world to adapt the U.S. campaign in a way that was culturally relevant.

Created and Produced spots for Canada, Ireland, France, Poland, Peoples Republic of China, Russia and Ukraine, Dubai and Egypt. (all produced and shot “in-house”)

I took Honey Bunches of Oats to the # 3 spot, with new TV spots, print, a national sampling tour, and a MIXX award winning website.

Prior to this I was an Award winning Exec Producer.

Awards: CLIOs, ANDYs, EFFIEs, Art Directors Club’s, INT’L Film&TV Festival, Advertising Age’s Best, TV Guides’s TEN BEST SUPERBOWL ADS OF ALL TIME (#7)

This is what I do. This is what I love.

~skip allocco



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